Building Security
WTG provides comprehensive, highly-redundant security solutions for industry, the public sector and the scientific community.
Secure and effective hospital and healthcare security – with WTG's individualised system solutions adapted especially to the needs of the sector.
Supply Chain Security
Secure and optimised logistic processes – with WTG's sector-specific individualised system solutions.
Services Security
By using WTG's professional managed services, you are putting your IT-based security systems into the very best hands.

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Building Security

WTG provides comprehensive, highly-redundant security solutions for industry, the public sector and the scientific community.

  • Intelligent video systems

    Intelligent video systems

    Security is one of our basic human needs. Using WTG’s intelligent IP video surveillance systems, our customers can satisfy the most demanding security requirements in full. Infrared and heat imagery provide the required visibility – even at night. Automatic face and registration plate recognition are just two examples of how the latest video-enhanced alarm systems including analysis and alarm management software can make daily life safer and more comfortable. Whether you want your system to be visible or invisible, we can provide you with a high level of security, giving you that feeling of being in safe hands.

  • Fire alarms

    Fire alarms

    The earlier a fire can be detected, the lower the risk to life and limb and the less serious the damage. Intelligent, networked modular fire alarms provide the basis of any modern early warning fire detection system. For standardised and complex bespoke applications alike, we plan and implement the best possible solution for you using IP-based control centre technology. Fire detection using cutting-edge sensor technology guarantees the highest possible level of security and at the same time prevents false alarms. The systems we install are extremely user-friendly and require only very modest servicing and maintenance costs. To protect you as fully as possible.

  • Voice alerts

    Voice alerts

    An alarm has to be received before an emergency call-out can happen. Voice-based alarm systems are deployed in all sorts of public and private spaces in which large numbers of people congregate. They use suitable acoustic signals and text-based announcements to initiate a pre-set evacuation plan. As a certified installer of such systems, WTG ensures that all planning and implementation work is carried out in accordance with increasingly strict legal regulations.  We implement the widest possible range of solutions in terms of scale and complexity. For public announcement, alarms and safe and orderly evacuation.

  • Access control

    Access control

    Who, when and to what? Installing an access control system is now an essential factor in ensuring effective facility security. Through having a system to authorise and record accesses to a facility, a user can decide who is allowed to enter what area and at what times, and will know at all times who is in the building in case of any alarm, for example. Such a system will defend against intrusion by unauthorised persons – either in some especially sensitive zone or throughout the facility, and either temporarily or permanently. Contact-free ID systems and biometric recognition technologies provide the best possible user comfort during access authentication processes. From simply stand-alone systems to large-scale complex networked systems, WTG’s modern access control systems are designed for use in industry and commerce, in the public sector and for protecting private property.

  • Intruder alarm technology

    Intruder alarm technology

    Protect your property from intruders! According to the latest information of international criminologists, burglary rates have been on the rise in recent years. All the more reason to protect your commercial or private property. Intruder alarm systems help you minimise the risk of damage through such intrusions. In serious cases, early detection and automatic transmission of the alarm will give law enforcement agencies the chance to intervene quickly. We install cutting-edge sensor and control centre technology certified as satisfying the highest-level security standard set by the VdS (the official German agency for establishing standards in fire and security systems).  Where required, we combine intruder detection technology with access control systems and video surveillance into a single, unified high-performance system.

  • Perimeter protection / Building shell security

    Perimeter protection / Building shell security

    Intrusion prevention begins outside. The vicinity of a building, its perimeter area and its outer shell all need to be secured. This applies especially to buildings with high-level security needs – whether the main issue is vandalism, unauthorised tampering, burglary or escape. Combined solutions, such as outdoor electronic detection systems supplemented by a video system for alarm verification, for example, provide the highest possible level of security. The critical space between the interior and exterior of your property is protected using effective outer shell protection plus gate/door access monitoring. WTG security solutions – for the earliest possible detection of potential intrusion risks and the fastest possible implementation of countermeasures.


Larger building complexes need complex monitoring. Get the most out of our comprehensive system scaled for the purpose.


Integration & interaction
Larger building units have substantial risks associated with them. This applies especially to buildings meant for use by business or public administration. We have appropriate multi-talented monitoring systems that use specialised sensor systems to detect and report particular risks. As a producer-independent system integrator, WTG can design a hazard management system that bundles together all the information you need into a single user interface. What you get is the highest possible level of protection through an integrated system of interacting components perfectly designed to suit the needs of your premises.


The benefits of having such an integrated system are easy to see. They improve your security at the same time as lowering your costs! By using such a unified system you achieve very real synergy effects, including increased security due to the use of multiple system components that communicate effectively with one another, improved protection through comprehensive monitoring and alarm handling, user-friendly operation even in stressful situations, fewer components through the use of multifunctional parts, shorter installation times and reduced maintenance costs.


Secure and effective hospital and healthcare security – with WTG’s individualised system solutions adapted especially to the needs of the sector.

  • Communication & security

    Communication & security

    These days, almost every healthcare facility in the world is suffering budget cuts and personnel shortages. Systems technology solutions are now playing an essential role in making today’s hospitals fit for the future. Such solutions cover classic paging systems, IP-DECT systems using mobile devices specially optimised for everyday healthcare tasks or RFID systems for monitoring devices and patients (just think of the applications in protecting patients suffering from dementia, for example). Together with hazard detection systems, fire protection and access control equipment for sensitive zones, WTG can provide the appropriate tailor-made system to effectively and cost-efficiently support hospital and healthcare centre workflows, as well as substantial improvements in safety and security.

  • Patient entertainment

    Patient entertainment

    Modern patients now have high expectations of the equipment provided by hospitals for their comfort. During their stay in hospital they expect to have access to the same multi-media content they are used to in their own private spaces. Personal internet access, video streaming or simply access to their private data from the cloud will increase the well-being of patients staying in medical facilities for convalescence or rehabilitation reasons. Ensure you have a competitive edge by providing the highest possible quality in patient entertainment, giving them that all-important extra feeling of well-being.

  • Everything you need from your hospital bed

    Everything you need from your hospital bed

    A simple mobile device will provide the patient with extremely user-friendly access to all sorts of communication and entertainment media, to information on your facility, on medical procedures and applications, to room control features (for adjusting lighting, blinds and room temperature) and for selecting and ordering meals using menu software. The integrated system facilitates direct billing for all billable services used by the patient. On top of all that, the system also gives doctors and healthcare professionals access to current patient information from the patient’s bedside – an extremely important factor in ensuring quality in patient care. All this gives the patient the highest possible level of independence, improved contact with his or her friends and family, not to mention the highest possible quality of medical care. WTG’s multimedia solutions for maximum comfort in healthcare facilities.

Supply Chain Security

Secure and optimised logistic processes – with WTG’s sector-specific individualised system solutions.

  • Risk management

    Risk management

    Security and risk management are increasingly important issues in global supply chains. The goal of these activities is to minimise existing risks including theft, damage, transport losses, inappropriate loading and to reduce the cost of such problems. Our supply chain security solutions include everything from recording the condition of goods, documenting vehicle movements as identified by their registration plates, ensuring that goods are received as required and allowing all goods movements to be displayed seamlessly in real time using geo-location technology.  The overall effect of all these measures is maximum process transparency.

  • Process visualisation

    Process visualisation

    Active supply chain security using an intelligent process visualisation system will lead to increased security, effectiveness and cost efficiency in the supply chain – all of which are decisive factors in achieving international competitive advantage. The ability to manage logistical documentation processes transparently and consistently will discourage cheating all along the supply chain, thus reducing shrinkage to a minimum. The ability to precisely identify the causes of damage to goods through seamless documentation is of the essence in complaints processing and assessing liability. The result of all this is that your entire supply chain is always under complete control.

  • Protection systems

    Protection systems

    For maximum protection or as the ultimate preventative measure, it is possible to integrate all your premises protection systems, including perimeter systems, intruder alarms on the outer shell and inside your buildings, access control systems, IP video surveillance systems, fire alarm technology and all other management and control systems into your supply chain security design.  WTG provides the highest possible security in your goods flows in both production and logistics processes.

Services Security

By using WTG’s professional managed services, you are putting your IT-based security systems into the very best hands.

  • Risk analysis

    Risk analysis

    We analyse and evaluate the areas where your business infrastructures are left open to risks and identify any security gaps you may have missed. Through realising comprehensive and systematic security audits, our experts at WTG can draw up a profile of your security weaknesses and threats. Recommendations for improvement can then be drawn up into an action list based on that security risk profile and adapted to your precise needs. Your tailor-made security design.

  • Integrated security concept

    Integrated security concept

    With WTG at your side, you have a system partner capable of responding to all potential security threats in the most professional manner possible through using state-of-the-art technologies now available internationally. Starting from your own bespoke weakness/threat analysis, we can develop an integrated security design for you taking into account all your priorities and preferences. This design will combine all areas of activity in your business into a single overall solution – including a central management system wherever required.

  • Project planning & Engineering

    Project planning & engineering

    A comprehensive security design can only be achieved through professional project planning and engineering services. That’s the only way to ensure that the security solution planned for your organisation can be integrated seamlessly into your business network. Thanks to our experts in security technologies and in IT and network security we have a professional team available to you to answer all your questions on IP network integration and to provide comprehensive support for realising your security design plans in conjunction with your IT service providers.

  • Training


    Training forms an indivisible part of WTG’s service offering. It is only possible to achieve the highest possible effectiveness in the use of the systems deployed in your company by conducting regular comprehensive training of all system stakeholders. Training also increases the level of motivation among staff to take full advantage of new systems. The training courses we provide – which are designed both for groups or single individuals – impart well-grounded knowledge and skills on all issues that may arise while working with our products. All trainees will receive comprehensive training materials. All our courses combine theoretical knowledge with practical exercises.

  • 365/24/7 Hotline & Support

    365/24/7 Hotline & support

    We offer our top-quality 24-hour service on the basis of service level agreements (SLAs) tailor-made for each of our customers. We can provide a unified service to all locations in Germany and Europe based on individual customer requirements and contractual agreements, including remote servicing, hardware replacement and on-site service. We consider our support services to be a further guarantor of your security and commit ourselves to live up to every aspect of the agreed service levels, and to continuously scrutinise and improve on the quality of our services.

  • Maintenance & Inspection

    Maintenance & inspection

    Aside from our round-the-clock service, we also arrange a maintenance and inspection schedule jointly with you for the various components installed on your system:  For fire alarm and video surveillance systems in particular, regular maintenance and inspection actions are required both by law and in order to ensure that they run absolutely smoothly. Our DIN 14675 certification guarantees that the maintenance and inspection services you receive on fire detection- and voice-based alarm systems conform to official standards.


Win more financial freedom through our flexible rental and leasing models

Combine intelligent communication and dependable security systems with a practical financing solution. WTG can offer you a range of flexible financing plans to help you obtain the very latest in communication and security technology. Whether you prefer to rent or lease, our financing plans allow you to plan sensibly for the future without the need to tie up any precious capital!


Success Stories

WTG and Sony are bringing church services home.

Münster’s world famous St. Paulus Cathedral, built in the middle of the 13th century, has long been a symbol of the city. After a long period of restoration work, the cathedral was finally reopened in 2013. The Bishopric of Münster has been using social media channels for some time to reach people who either cannot or are unwilling to visit their cathedral in person. The diocese expressed a wish to be able to stream its church services on the Internet. Aside from installing a network of Sony video security cameras, WTG put in place a high-performance broadcasting system using robotic colour video cameras. WTG, a Sony Gold partner, received praise for the superb job it did in customising its designs to suit the individual needs of the customer.

→ download WTG-SuccessStory_DomMuenster



Honeywell invents and manufactures technologies that address some of the world’s most critical challenges around the global macrotrends such as energy efficiency, clean energy generation, safety and security, and globalization. Honeywell’s three businesses – Aerospace, Automation and Control Solutions, and Performance Materials and Technologies – are all built on differentiation through technology. Honeywell is uniquely positioned to blend physical products with software enabling a safer, more comfortable and more productive world. The Honeywell Security Group focusses on delivering innovative security products and services for the commercial and residential markets providing access control, intruder detection, video surveillance and integrated security solutions.


Esser – one of the two brands of Novar – is part of Honeywell’s business unit Automation and Control Solutions. A broad, future-oriented portfolio of custom-made fire protection concepts and innovative voice evacuation systems make Esser one of the leading experts for safety in buildings. Innovative technology, favorable cost of ownership and excellent system compatibility guarantee highest flexibility and cost efficiency of the Esser products. WTG is FlexES partner.


The Siemens Building Technologies Division is the world market leader for safe, energy efficient and environmentally friendly buildings and infrastructure. Siemens Building Technologies offers a complete technical infrastructure portfolio for building automation, energy efficiency, fire safety, security, total building solutions and market-specific solutions in buildings and public places.


Hekatron is one of the leading specialists in development, production and distribution of integrated systems for fire protection. In 1964, one year after the foundation, the company developed Europe’s first scattered light smoke detector for series production. Since then continuous research and development, as well as an open ear for the customers’ needs, are the basis for innovative smoke switches and smoke detectors of highest quality.

artec technologies

artec technologies AG – listed on the stock exchanges – develops and produces innovative software and systems solutions for the transmission, recording and analysis of video, audio and metadata in networks or the internet. Since the year 2000, customers have been using artec’s brands MULTIEYE® for HD Video Surveillance Solutions and XENTAURIX® for Broadcast Logging and Streaming. WTG is MULTIEYE Platin partner.


Telenot is a leading German manufacturer of electronic security technology and alarm systems. The products for the reliable protection of people, property and buildings against burglary, robbery, unauthorized entry, fire and technical risks dispose of individual and system approval by VdS, the German institution for corporate safety and security, by VSÖ, the Austrian Association of Security Companies, and by SES, the Association of Swiss installers of security systems. With this, Telenot guarantees securitized safety. Security solutions from Telenot are used in private homes, in small and medium enterprises, retail, industry and the public sector. WTG is Authorized TELENOT base and part of the largest network security under hand and seal.


Sony is a leading manufacturer of audio, video, game, communications, key device and information technology products for the consumer and professional markets. The range of video security products for surveillance includes IP Cameras, 4K security cameras, wireless security cameras, network recorders, CCTV cameras, encoders, software as well as full security video camera systems tailored to specific requirements. WTG is Sony Gold partner: Video Security.


SeeTec is a leading provider of Video Management Software in Europe. SeeTec offers software solutions for security applications including industry-specific solutions for logistics, trade, financial services as well as transport and traffic. Video support plays an increasingly important role for business processes. SeeTec was one of the first providers of network-based video management applications to recognize this – and to develop made-to-measure solutions to meet the need. SeeTec lets you see your business in a whole new light – and gain new insights: for improved processes, greater efficiency and increased value creation.


ela-soft develops manufacturer-neutral management systems for security, building and communication technology. With the successful GEMOS system, which integrates all the technical subsystems into a central, simple-to-operate interface, ela-soft counts amongst the market and technology leaders in this sector. Over 700 implemented interfaces and more than 1000 installed systems prove the many years of experience and the success of the products from ela-soft.


Geutebrück is a market leader in the video security sector. The company develops and produces innovative video systems for discerning users in more than 40 countries. The German Federal network for security technology considers Geutebrück one of the most innovative companies in the sector, and emphasises its international reputation. Satisfied customers include the European Space Centre in Kourou, Guiana, Banque de France and German mineral water producer Gerolsteiner.


ASSA ABLOY is the largest global supplier of intelligent lock and security solutions – dedicated to improving the customer’s lives through innovative products that offer great security, safety and convenience. effeff is a global leading brand for electromechanical locking and unlocking devices. Electric strikes, electric bolts, security locks, access control systems and escape route technology are among the effeff brand products which today provide security and convenience over the world.


Novatec’s five branch offices in five EU member states make it one of the leading providers of security solutions for trade and industry in Europe. Novatec offers solutions tailor-made in terms of price and performance to reduce security risks affecting people, buildings, inventories and goods. The security systems that the company offers takes advantage of the synergies provided by a variety of different technologies in their effort to maximise their effectiveness. Novatech has developed a pan-European network of consultants and technology partners over the years to provide the greatest possible expertise to customers at the closest possible proximity.




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