Euro Alert Plus
The EURO ALERT PLUS emergency and radio transmission system is a solution specially optimised for the individual needs of the emergency services and industry.
Euro Alert Flex
We have specially developed the EURO ALERT FLEX emergency services alarm system for the specialised requirements of the fire services, emergency medical services and industry.
Control Centre Services
Our round-the-clock on-site customer service guarantees the highest possible level of quality and security for your control centre management system.

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Euro Alert Plus

The EURO ALERT PLUS emergency and radio transmission system is a solution specially optimised for the individual needs of the emergency services and of industry.

  • Emergency management

    Emergency management

    Operations control systems provide the technical basis for emergency and hazard management in the control centres of emergency service providers such as fire brigades, emergency medical service providers and the police, as well as in industrial control centres and public and private transport control hubs. The requirements for such systems are extremely exigent: Short response times and effective deployment of information and communication technology are the decisive factors in determining the quality and speed with which a control centre can respond to an emergency. WTG’s intelligent control centre management system ensures a seamless emergency response process and the best possible coordination of emergency personnel.

  • Modular & scalable

    Modular & scalable

    As an emergency call and intervention system, EURO ALERT PLUS provides all the benefits of a unified communication infrastructure in the form of a convergent network. The system has a modular structure, and is scalable both in terms of hardware and software, which allows it to be extended and modified quickly and easily. EURO ALERT PLUS optimises quality and efficiency in information and communication management in the broadest possible variety of control centres. From small-scale security centres and unmanned watch systems, through security control centres in correctional institutions, in forensics, energy supply, the chemical industry or the local public transport systems all the way up to large-scale municipal traffic control systems or professional firefighting services.

  • Voice over IP

    Voice over IP

    With EURO ALERT PLUS, WTG provides control centre solutions based on Voice over IP for all communication pathways. Analog and digital radio are set together with all other communication channels, integrated into a single unified network solution. Data and voice outputs are transferred without loss of quality via a single transmission medium. The use of VoIP means that EURO ALERT PLUS allows several control centres to network together. Every workstation in a system can thus benefit from the full functionality of every other station in the control centre network. The system can satisfy all technical and organisational requirements with great flexibility – and allows, for example,  cooperation between several control centres or agencies during the night depending on the particular needs of individual emergencies. Another benefit of the system is the redundancy in the network, providing maximum system resilience.

  • TETRA-ready


    The introduction of digital radio for all public emergency service providers is one of the most important technical modernisation projects currently taking place in Germany. The goal is a single network for everything – a single nation-wide, comprehensive network for cross-agency voice and data communication. This digital radio network is the largest radio network in the world based on the international TETRA standard. EURO ALERT PLUS is fully equipped for cope with the introduction of the TETRA digital radio standard. It is implemented using either a PEI radio interface, a cable-based LS1/LS2 interface or via local domestic solutions (North Rhine-Westphalia’s digital radio interface, for example). The first TETRA connections have already been successfully set up by WTG.

  • Performance features

    Performance features

    The EURO ALERT PLUS communication platform enjoys the following performance features:

    • Decentralised network architecture
    • Highly available network design capable of a switch-over time of less than one second in case of system failure
    • Virtualisation of all system elements, from system-critical applications to a highly available cluster set-up, using Hyper-V
    • Error management using SNMP, including third-party systems
    • Fully equipped conferencing module
    • Integrated short-term documentation
    • Controls third-party systems, PA systems, media techno­logy, speech systems, building services technology, etc.
    • Can operate third-party applications via the graphical user interface (GUI)
    • Intelligent building services control using EURO ALERT FLEX
    • Interface to a variety of emergency control systems
    • Wide-ranging service management with live view
  • Latest new features

    Latest new features

    The implementation of the latest version of Media Server 2.0 has added a number of performance features to EURO ALERT PLUS:

    • Eurofunk’s multiple-connection-capable SB Client (efmCf SBClient) conforming to the SIP standard
    • Extended “public announcement engine” for simplified dynamic announcements and allocation of announcements to trunk groups
    • OPC Integration
    • Assessment and display of location data as defined by German technical guidelines on emergency connections with optional map view on the graphical user interface
    • Connectivity of eCall emergency calls via an IDDS interface including a link to the dispatch control computer
    • New audio device

Euro Alert Flex

We have specially developed the EURO ALERT FLEX emergency services alarm system for the specialised requirements of the fire services, emergency medical services and industry.

  • Emergency services alert

    Emergency services alert

    Our EURO ALERT PLUS emergency call and radio transmission service can be extended to include the EURO ALERT FLEX emergency services alarm system. EURO ALERT FLEX is designed to provide flexible and secure control of the various technologies involved in any emergency services set up. An emergency services alarm system is an important element in the speedy and reliable dispatch of fire service or emergency medical personnel in case of an emergency call-out – though it can also be used to control the entire building services of the emergency station. Whether such building services include loud-speaker-based address systems, recreation area occupation management, control of external doors, lighting, access barriers, traffic signals or video systems. Designed as a client-server solution, EURO ALERT FLEX manages the central alarm system for distributed fire stations directly from the emergency control centre.

  • Multifunctional & customisable

    Multifunctional & customisable

    EURO ALERT FLEX can be adjusted to fit local needs without excessive extra cost. Enhancements and modifications can also be made subsequent to commissioning – a crucial investment benefit and a central feature of the system’s comprehensive future-readiness. EURO ALERT FLEX offers a wide range of functionalities through a handy multifunctional central user interface. A wide variety of subsystems can be connected into the system using standardised interfaces. EURO ALERT FLEX can be extended to include a programmable logic controller (PLC). The entire system is based on cutting-edge technology compatible with all leading emergency management systems.

  • Acoustic address systems

    Acoustic address systems

    EURO ALERT FLEX makes it possible for one or more dispatch operators to alert any number of field stations. The acoustic address system for control centre dispatch operators allows individual spoken messages (ad hoc addresses) to be combined with any number of acoustic building blocks.

  • Flexible quiet room assignment

    Flexible quiet room assignment

    A needs-based automatic alert control system for the various recreation areas in fire and/or medical emergency service stations within the system will help dispatchers to alert the right people quickly and reliably. The flexible quiet room assignment functionality makes your use of the space more efficient. Recreation areas no longer need to be dedicated exclusively to a particular emergency operation type or a particular vehicle crew. Instead, emergency station personnel can assign the appropriate crewing category for each recreation area as required. This particular area is then only alerted in the case of the appropriate type of alarm (via the public address system, using an alarm light, etc.).

  • Flexible vehicle-gate assignment

    Flexible vehicle-gate assignment

    It is quite often the case that a particular vehicle is not always stationed behind a particular bay door, but is moved around as the need arises. The flexible vehicle-to-bay-door assignment feature allows station personnel to make changes to such assignments, to save a number of assignment patterns in the system and to call such patterns up as required.

  • Status-related switching

    Status-related switching

    All switching actions in local stations can be carried out depending on current status using a FMS/SDS interpreter enabled at a central point in the control centre. Opening and closing bay doors and barriers and switching traffic signals and alarm lights – and even building illumination – can all be handled via an automatic station and dispatch management system depending on the FMS/SDS status of the emergency vehicles.


This is the only guarantee that the technology installed can satisfy all requirements even under heavy loads – without leaving any room for risky ad hoc changes.


Every second counts
When every second counts, control centre users need to have absolute trust in the technology upon which they depend to do their important work. Only smoothly running components working in absolute harmony in all control centre processes can guarantee the speediest possible coordination of all elements of the available resources – whether the service is the fire brigade, police or medical emergency provision or in-company plant security and fire-fighting units. And with WTG control centre technology you can absolutely depend on that harmony.


Partnership writ large
In the highly sensitive area of security in emergency management, the concept of partnership with our customers is of the highest possible importance at WTG. We provide full support for all comprehensive control centre systems from the pre-planning state to the key-in-door handover of the system to our client. What our comprehensive project management and control process means for you is that all planning and construction is carried out entirely seamlessly through a single supplier. In addition to all this, we also supply continuous on-site customer support. This allows us to guarantee the highest possible standards in terms of safety, security and quality.


Holistic security concept
In the area of query and communications systems for publicly funded emergency services, the need to be security-sensitive should never be forgotten as a result of the need to keep down costs. All systems must be developed to certified quality standards and must be built fully fitted with the appropriate security mechanisms and incorporated into a well thought-out service architecture. WTG is a byword for that level of security.

Control Centre Services

Our round-the-clock on-site customer service guarantees the highest possible level of quality and security for your control centre management system.

  • 365/24/7 Service & support

    365/24/7 Service & support

    Preventative maintenance sessions will help to locate potential sources of problems early and prevent any risk of the system failing. If a fault should occur despite these measures, we put a tried-and-tested, well-rehearsed workflow into operation to resolve the failure quickly and without fuss. The effectiveness of this process is guaranteed by our highly trained specialists as well as the fact that we make sure that all replacement parts and spares are in stock at all times. We offer our top-quality 24-hour service on the basis of individual service level agreements (SLAs) tailor-made for each of our customers. Our response times are less than an hour.

  • Support centre

    Support centre

    We have set up a customer support centre in Coesfeld to provide second-level support for service technicians, system specialists and naturally for our customers as well. The specialists working there have direct access to the necessary planning, development and production materials and tools. Test set-ups modelled on already delivered systems allow the support centre personnel to carry out the necessary work on hardware and software components in the workshop under realistic conditions. This organisational approach and our predefined escalation procedures allow us to guarantee a level of service that fully conforms with your requirements.

  • Training


    The goal of our tailor-made training courses is to impart well-grounded and practical knowledge – customised to the courses’ various relevant user groups: system administrators, control centre staff (dispatch operators) and service personnel. Lessons on course content are generally interspersed with training actions designed to give trainees the chance to become familiar with the system and to check their learning progress. Any data sets produced during exercises that might be of relevance for later use in real-life operation can be transferred easily to the affected live system. An adjustment phase involving some temporary redundancy in our operational methods facilitates a transitional stage into real-life operation which removes much of the risk of any surprises occurring during the changeover to live implementation.


WTG hooks up the Oberbergischer Kreis pilot control centre with the digital radio network.

Disaster protection is a high priority in the Oberbergischer Kreis. Located between Germany’s Rhineland and Sauerland, the commune of Oberbergischer Kreis’ land area of 918 km2 boasts a high concentration of both population and industrial might. More than 44,000 emergency call outs are processed in the local emergency control centre in the commune every year, along with about 2,200 fire brigade call outs – a scale of activity that is constantly growing. As one of five pilot control centres, the commune’s control centre was successfully connected up to the TETRA digital radio network by WTG via North Rhine-Westphalia’s digital radio interface. The WTG fully satisfied the extremely demanding requirements in terms of quality, safety and service that the Oberbergischer Kreis sets for its communications service providers.

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