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Everything WTG does is guided by its dynamic corporate culture, combining tradition, cutting-edge technology and constant innovation. As a future-oriented business with a long tradition behind it, we can count on the experience of employees who have been with us for many years, as well as relying on our strategic partnerships with suppliers and customers. We work with state-of-the-art technologies and are continuously updating our knowledge to continue developing and implementing the best possible solutions for our customers. Our flat hierarchy, flexible structures and location-independent project methodology mean that our communication paths are short and allow us to make changes to projects quickly and easily, giving us the ideal conditions at WTG for producing innovation. → more about us


  • Seniors


    You already have substantial professional experience and now think the time is right to take on new challenges. You’re looking for a task in which you can make a genuine difference. Whether you’re changing careers, want to further develop your specialist expertise or hope to form part of a dynamic management team: we can help you to develop your personal career path, provide an environment in which you can develop innovative ideas and allocate tasks involving high levels of responsibility right from the word go. As a family firm, we’re keen to help you develop your working life and private sphere in complete harmony.

  • Juniors


    You have completed your vocational education or university studies and want to put your hard-earned skills into practice, to take on varied assignments, participate in exciting projects and to take up the challenge of a steep learning curve. Then apply for a direct employment offer and take on a high level of responsibility for your work from day one! At WTG your career doesn’t end on receiving a job offer: we map out a variety of paths upon which young professionals like you can develop professionally.

  • Apprentices / Students

    Apprentices / Students

    Are you looking for a demanding vocational training opportunity through which you can set off down the road towards your future? Then apply for one of our training places in Germany and start out on the road to your future with us.

    Offers of vocational training (m/f)

    • Electronics specialist in information and telecommunication technologies
    • IT systems electronics engineer
    • IT systems sales professional
    • IT specialist in systems integration
    • Business professional in commercial communication and office management

    Offers for university students (m/f)

    During your time as an intern or on work practice with us you’ll get an insight into how the WTG group functions. Join the dots between your theoretical knowledge and a real-world practical topic for your final thesis. We’ll provide you with one-to-one help in finding and developing your thesis topic and will also show you the options available for direct employment after you finish your studies.


We expect commitment, performance and flexibility from our employees. What we provide to our employees in return is the trust and flexibility you need to organise your work to suit your life. New members of the WTG team are assigned with challenging tasks right from their first day at the company, are integrated into project teams immediately and are given the flexibility to design their working day according to their needs. Each individual employee takes responsibility for his or her results. It goes without saying that as a provider of ICT services WTG equips you with the most modern possible office equipment, including what you need to choose the option (in consultation with your line manager) of working from home. As a medium-sized, family-run enterprise, we can offer job security, and are determined to base our relationships with staff on indefinite contracts of employment. We know our employees, value their individual talents and facilitate continuous training and encourage them to pursue their career goals. We work on shared objectives, celebrate shared successes and sometimes even have to shed some sweat together for a good cause (on a company fun run, for example).

Vacancies (m|f|d)

Training vacancies (m|f|d)

Unsolicited applications

Do you think you can contribute to WTG’s success, but can’t find the corresponding job description in our job offers? No problem: use our application form to make an unsolicited application. We’ll check your qualifications and will promptly let you know the options available to you.

  • Application documents

    Application documents

    Please send us your application documents using our application form, preferably in the form of pdf files. Your covering letter should cover at most one A4 sheet and should clearly indicate the post you are seeking on its subject line. Please give clear and concrete reasons why you think you’re the right person for WTG and for the particular post you are applying for, and let us know your preferences and goals, along with your earliest possible start date and your salary expectations. Your CV should be clearly structured, and should contain your contact data and show your life experience in reverse order. You should list whatever of your activities, responsibilities and successes you think are relevant to the position that you are applying for. The attachments in your application should contain all (and only) relevant credentials, certificates and supplementary qualifications.

  • Application process


    No matter whether you are applying for a particular post or are making an unsolicited application, you will receive a confirmation of receipt of your application. Your documents will be then inspected individually by the human resources and relevant specialist departments. If your application catches our eye, we will arrange an appointment with you for a telephone interview or make a date for a face-to-face interview. Soon afterwards, we will send you our decision, giving you some time for you to consider any offer we make. If we can come to an amicable agreement, we will then send you your contract of employment by post. If we should decide not to appoint you for the position you applied for, you will always have the option of applying for other vacancies and may inform us in writing that you would like us to consider you for other positions.

  • Job interview

    Job interview

    If you have already received an invitation to a face-to-face interview, you have already cleared the first hurdle. So congratulations! We already see working with you as an attractive possibility. So prepare for your appointment thoroughly. Take a look at our homepage, get to know as much as you can about WTG and take the time to think about how you can best convince us of your suitability as a candidate. As well as finding out more about your professional experience, we’re very much interested in finding out about you as a person. That’s why it’s important to us that you be yourself. Note down in advance any questions that you would like to ask about WTG and the post, as it’s also important for you to know whether we as an employer can provide a good fit for your expectations and goals.


If you have any questions on the job application process please do not hesitate to contact us.
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