The WTG Group

WTG is a group of enterprises operating all over Germany that unites three main fields of excellence under a single roof: IT & communication, security systems and control centre technology. With approximately 250 employees and the nationwide network of locations, we rank among the largest providers in our industry. Innovation and future-oriented investment policy, together with highly motivated employees, form the basis of the company’s success all through our more than 100 years in existence. Our rapidly developing market demands that we produce tomorrow’s standards today. In our efforts to meet this challenge, we tailor our communication and security solutions to our customers’ needs and future orientation. The WTG group’s Berlin-based holding company coordinates our strategic direction into the future.

You can also find a short overview of WTG and our specialised competencies in the → WTG brochure (in German). We’d be delighted to send you a copy – please contact us.


  • IT and communication


    WTG’s service portfolio in IT and communication consists of the following aspects: vendor-neutral analysis, optimisation and implementation of the customer’s own individual UC/CC strategy, set-up and operation of the necessary network infrastructures, platforms, software and related services in the areas of consulting, security, process optimisation and business intelligence. WTG works only with state-of-the-art technologies and cooperates with the most reliable leading manufacturers and partners worldwide. This gives us the capacity to meet all current market requirements, thus generating real added value for your enterprise. → to the page on this business segment

  • Security systems


    With WTG you have a systems partner at your side on which you can rely to respond to every potential security threat with the maximum expertise, professionalism and deploying only the most advanced technical components. We develop an integrated concept for your business, making sure we take all security requirements and preferences into account by conducting an individual analysis of the threats and weaknesses confronting the customer. Professional project planning and engineering work by our experts of the fields of security technology and in IT, networks and network security guarantee the seamless implementation of the planned security solution. → to the page on this business segment

  • Control centre technology


    WTG works as a specialised service provider for public authorities, emergency services and industry. We build and equip control centres with the full range of communication, information and alarm systems they need. We manage all our control centre system projects from the planning stage to handover as a fully operational key-in-door system in close collaboration with our customer. The entire project control process, and the complete planning and construction work is all carried out by one single provider. → to the page on this business segment


WTG is a synonym for the highest possible level of expertise in the fields of consulting, design, implementation and service management of complex ICT and security systems for medium-sized to larger businesses, public authorities and bodies. We use such best-practice methodologies as Prince 2 and ITIL to ensure that we are satisfying all today’s requirements for state-of-the-art life-cycle and service management of ICT and security technology platforms.


  • Commitment to our customers

    Commitment to our customers

    WTG’s commitment is to its customers, not to any individual provider. This vendor neutrality gives us the liberty to search for the very best solution currently available for our customer’s current problem. Our capacity to catering to our customers’ individual needs and preferences is a distinguishing mark of our way of doing business. We promise our customers to implement our solutions according to jointly agreed parameters: in time – in quality – in budget. WTG provides you with a trustworthy partner and consultant, and is at your service 24-hours-a-day and 365-days-a-year. Our »Best in Class« services ultimately achieve what they aim to achieve: complete customer satisfaction.

  • Commitment to quality

    Commitment to quality

    Based on our ISO 9001, VdS as well as DIN 14675 certifications and our conformity with ISO 27001 IT security management-based working methods, we can assure the highest possible standards of quality in order to meet today’s and future markets’ requirements.

  • Commitment to the environment

    Commitment to the environment

    WTG considers it to be its duty to protect the environment by using the resources it consumes with care. In addition, we also commit to working exclusively with suppliers who can certify that the production processes they use are sustainable. For us it goes without saying that all products we use must conform to the EU RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) Directive. We support the concept of »green IT«. Ultimately, the savings achieved by the use of intelligent IT systems are likely to be considerably greater than the demands on energy and resources generated by such systems. The bottom line is that the innovative IT products and applications with which we work have the effect of reducing the burden on the environment.




WTG holding GmbH
Max-Dohrn-Straße 8-10 | 10589 Berlin
Tel +49 (30) 85001 - 0
Fax +49 (30) 85001 -122

WTG Berlin
WTG Westfälische Telefon-Gesellschaft Wilhelm Schütze mbH Berlin
Max-Dohrn-Straße 8-10 | 10589 Berlin
Tel +49 (30) 85001 - 0
Fax +49 (30) 85001 -122

WTG communication GmbH
Große Elbstraße 43 | 22767 Hamburg
Tel +49 (40) 23806 - 0
Fax +49 (40) 23806 - 110

WTG communication GmbH
Tiedthof, Goseriede 4 | 30159 Hannover
Tel +49 (511) 220605 - 0
Fax +49 (511) 220605 - 55

WTG communication GmbH
Rösnerstraße 8 | 48155 Münster
Fon +49 (251) 3993 - 0
Fax +49 (251) 3993 - 660

WTG Leitstellentechnik GmbH
Wetmarstraße 2 | 48653 Coesfeld
Fon +49 (2541) 8004 - 0
Fax +49 (2541) 8004 - 10

WTG Technical Site Düsseldorf

WTG communication GmbH
Biebricher Allee 51 | 65187 Wiesbaden
Tel +49 (69) 247483 - 100
Fax +49 (69) 247483 - 110

WTG communication GmbH
Föhringer Allee 1 | 85774 Unterföhring
Tel +49 (89) 30905588 - 0
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WTG communication GmbH
SkyLoop Business Center
Flughafenstraße 59 | 70629 Stuttgart
Fon +49 (711) 220 40 945
Fax +49 (7056) 965 882

WTG Technical Site Regensburg

WTG B.V. Westfälische Telecommunicatie Maatschappij
Toernooiveld 300 | 6525 EC Nijmegen, NL
Tel +31 (24) 351 21 23

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